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Hey there spectrumeers,

Let me first say that while making this message in itself is an incredibly sad thing, please don't worry until you've read the entirety of the message. With that being said, Spectrum is closing its doors to new members. Now, that doesn't mean we're shutting down completely -- we'll still go on running so that everyone can continue their threads and such if they so choose. However, let us stress that this is definitely not the end.

When Reule and I first started Spec never in our wildest dreams did we expect the level of success it has had! Now Spec is almost nine months old and that is really incredible and on behalf of the staff I'd like to thank each and every one of you for everything you've put into this site; your brilliant takes on characters, your incredible writing, and your presence in the community. I know I'm not alone when I say I've made friends here that I'll keep in contact with for years to come. Spec is a lot different from how it was when it first started though, and that's not a bad thing! Each new member that has come has brought something different and great and the group we have now is really incredible. But the fact is there's a lot about Spec we wish we could change to adapt over time (the plot, for example, which hasn't changed beyond technological advances) that really isn't possible on a board this size or this old.

So! We are currently in the process of making a new site. This isn't going to be Spec V2 or anything, it's going to be entirely new with a different (albeit kind of similar) plot and name and everything. However it isn't going to be so different that you won't be able to bring your characters back over, or even transfer relationships so you don't have to start over (they'll need a little tweaking to fit with the new board, but we promise it won't be too difficult). We'll also be having a trial period once everything is done so you Spec members will be the first to be able to claim old characters and such so you won't lose them.

It is going to be a change, and we know this seems very sudden, but we believe this is for the best. We're going to try to make this new board the absolute best it can be to make things easier on us and all of you, and so that this kind of thing won't be necessary there in the future. There's a risk with anything like this, any new board, but we promise that we will be just as dedicated to this board as we have been with Spec so that it too can succeed.

We do apologize, we know this might not be a welcome change for all of you -- we'll still be here on Spec answering questions, replying to our own threads, etc. so we definitely aren't disappearing or anything -- but we truly hope you all will join us on this new board once it's complete. If you have any questions you can reply to this topic or shoot us a pm and we will do our best to answer them!

Thank you all so so much for being a part of this site with us,
Nev, Tera, Morgan, Becca, and Carsyn
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we are a no word count animation roleplay. in an alternate dimension where a mysterious group of people once lived and various monsters - some good, most not - prowl the land, animated characters have been constantly pulled from their worlds and sent here over the past several years, where their lives take a drastic turn. no one knows how this has occurred or who is behind this mystery, and any attempts at getting back home, or getting anywhere else, really, have been failures. now they must all learn to survive in this new world, all the while asking the same question - "why are we here?"

make sure to check out the rules, faq, canon list, etc. before signing up. also please register with your character's full name in all capital letters!